As parents, you must have asked this question while considering coding for your kids or similar programs – What is robotics for kids?

Kids now have access to various STEM programs, there is hardly any area that wouldn’t catch their interest. From science to art to music and math, kids can easily explore interesting niches.

Robotics is now a major area of STEM education with excellent teaching tools for STEM education. So many schools now adopt robotics clubs globally. With various robotics software to help teach kids about robotics during their spare time and after school. Even with various available robotics software, not all schools offer robotics

7 Importance of robotics for kids?

There are lots of advantages robotics offer beyond the classroom, some reasons why robotics for kids are of great value are:

  1. Career choice: Kids can begin to develop an interest in a leading technology path that guarantees job security and wholesome pay, it can also kindle the interest of kids in computer-related fields.
  2. Robotics develops engineering skill sets: Problem-solving skill is an excellent skill in all engineering fields, kids learn to develop this skill as they take up robotics projects which help them learn new ways of solving and providing solutions quickly.
  3. Robotics improves creativity: Robotics teaches kids to think creatively while building or working on new projects. As young engineers, kids develop a lot of creativity, when they ask questions and brainstorm on better ideas, their creativity skill sets are heightened
  4. Robotics programs encourage teamwork: Each robotic program fosters creative communication and expression among learners.  Robotics programs are always carried out in clusters alongside their instructors, this enables participants effectively communicate and share ideas together. They learn to sort items, search for the right elements or missing parts and as well build structures.   
  5. Robotics is super fun: Robotics is a lot of fun for kids and as well fascinating. Lots of robotic kits are designed to carry out motion-like movement and drive themselves across plains, kids get excited while building their own robotics projects and are even more excited when it comes alive and starts working. Parents can easily gift their kids a fun-filled and educative robotic kit for their next birthday.
  6. New passions are easily formed: Kids get passionate about robotics by participating in robotics programs for kids. The lessons learned during these programs easily translate to life-long passion as well. Kids can easily pursue a degree in robotics engineering or a similar path with the growing opportunities within the industry the demand for more robotics professionals keeps increasing.
  7. Kids become more inclined with technology trends globally: Early adoption of robotic programs helps kids develop lifelong interest in technology and science-related activities. In academics, robotics has been shown to increase learners’ performances by more than 50%. Learners are more open to conceptual learning because of the various techniques used to deliver robotics programs to kids.

Best coding and robotics languages?

No doubt programming or coding is a technical skill for kids, however, kids have shown great mastery of some of these programming languages while improving at them, some of the best coding and robotics languages for kids include:

  1. Python: One of the most popular languages for coding and robotics is python. It is widely used for web development, data science, and robotics.
  2. Scratch: Scratch coding language follows a drag-and-drop application, kids easily create fun-filled projects such as animations, games, and interactive stories.
  3. C++: If you are interested in creating games, programming electronics, and robots, c++ is one programming language popular for doing the heavy lifting.
  4. JavaScript: JavaScript is arguably the most popular programming language, with various libraries and frameworks it has widely been adopted for different programming needs, kids can easily learn JavaScript as most drag and drop languages are also designed to support JavaScript as well for websites and robotics as well.

How Can Kids Learn Robotics?

At Imagine STEM Academy, students have the opportunity to join the robotic simulation lessons online. They also carry out arithmetic calculations to determine a robot’s distance from objects and create art using a robot. 

Kids also learn how to design solutions and simulate real-world problems and how they can be solved. At the academy, kids learn to build and design physical robots, while working with digital electronic kits. They also learn to develop solutions such as automated dispensing systems, motion-activated alarms, RC cars, etc. As they progress, they learn to develop innovative solutions.

Should My Child Take Robotics Classes for Kids?

This can only be determined when you give your child the opportunity to experience the program and its benefits.

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Experts have predicted, the future will be dominated by robots with over half of the current jobs taken by robots. As parents, the choice is yours, would you wish your child to compete with robots for jobs or design them.

What are your thoughts on the idea of robotics for kids? How do you plan to introduce your kids to robotics?

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