What’s it about? – Summer Coding and Robotics Camps in Lagos!

It’s another summer holiday in Nigeria, and it’s time to ask yourself the dreaded question, “What will I do with my kids this summer?” Will I let them sleep it away, play it away, or learn something while having fun with it? It is not uncommon to get lost in thoughts during summer, especially when thinking of activities that aren’t boring. Kids get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. –It might seem fun at first, but with time, they want to try out a new adventure. I got a hack for you, it’s a secret, though. – I don’t share this with people for free. However, you are in luck! So I am going to tell you free of charge.

Coding and robotics classes are life-changing

Yay! Summer coding and robotics camps for kids in Lagos. Kids don’t get tired when they make things work. I am surprised that you want to lose your summer to the usual sports camps, music lessons, and keep-fit clinics with little room for coding! Get your kids off gaming and show them how to code! Imagine STEM Academy offers life-changing coding experiences. Sports are great, keeping fit is awesome, and coding is life-changing

Some kids don’t get the opportunity to attend summer coding camp. Imagine STEM Academy programs help students learn more than just coding, but also things like leadership and teamwork. We’re more than just a summer coding and robotics camp for kids in Lagos, we’re an entire summer program designed to help kids grow and learn.

Kids grow up with mobile devices and games from the moment they start using technology. They can now create real things that work on the web or in video games. Yet despite this technology being around them every day, schools simply don’t teach them how to code. Coding is hard for kids to grasp without hands-on experience.

Start by signing them up for a summer coding and robotics class

Start by signing your kids up for our summer coding classes at Imagine STEM Academy, where they’ll learn through real-world projects. A fun way to develop their skills while learning a variety of topics like robotics, game development, and artificial intelligence.

Parents are looking for a fun way to learn the basics of technology. Teenagers are making money from startups where they code real-world applications, such as healthcare digital solutions.

Our summer coding camps build on what kids learn in school, with hands-on learning activities where entire teams work together. Our experts use a well-tested curriculum and create interesting challenges.

Computer Science is a growing field that more schools are beginning to offer exposure to. While some parents are comfortable self-teaching, others aren’t. To solve this problem, parents need programs that show their kids fun ways to learn fundamental Computer Science concepts in an exciting environment. Coding camps brought to you by Imagine STEM Academy will introduce your kids to fun and innovative ways to learn about Computer Science that make it more exciting than ever before!

Beyond the fundamentals of computers!

Our kids’ summer class do not only teach the fundamental of computer concepts in a fun and creative way but also help your child improve at math, logic, teamwork, and problem-solving skills as they learn to code their own amazing games and apps in a supportive, and collaborative environment.

“Coding is one of the hottest and most in-demand skills in the world today!”

Bureau of Labor Statistics

I know it’s a summer holiday in Nigeria and there are a ton of summer camps out there, but few teach your kids how to code.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Coding is one of the hottest and most in-demand skills in the world today.” Imagine STEM Academy is changing that with their unique combination of teaching your kids coding, robotics, gaming as well as artificial intelligence all during their summer camp experiences.

All in two weeks or a cumulative 6 weeks – imagine that! And this course isn’t just for coding experts – it’s for beginners too! Your child’s summer can be packed full of STEM adventures with Imagine STEM Academy. You can join any of our summer batches online or onsite. We look forward to spending a memorable summer with your kids online or onsite.