There are 5 best known coding apps for 7 year old kids that allows them to learn coding properly and easily. These apps serve as a unique system of learning for kids.

Coding is an essential and unquestionable factor to human life and existence.

Also, it is a branch of science, specifically computer science which enables users to send step-by-step commands to the computer. 

Coding is the foundation of the apps on your phone, the video games, websites, robots and much more. They are all made with code through a known process called Coding.

There are various coding apps used for proper understanding amongst children of age 7 and below.

These apps are elementary and teach them a step-by-step process for the purpose of coding, they serve as a guideline towards app creation.

The 5 best coding apps for 7 year old kids are as follows:

  1.   Scratch
  2.   Scratch Jr
  3.   Tynker
  4.   Hopscotch
  5.   Kodable


Scratch is a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, animations etc. It is also an online community application where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, animations with people from all over the world.

This is a sample of a Scratch application

Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr is a visual programming language designed to introduce programming skills to children ages 5-7. The app is considered an introductory programming language. With Scratch Jr, young children (ages 5-7) learn important new skills as they program their own interactive stories and games.  


Tynker is an educational programming platform to help children learn coding skills, including game design, web design, animations etc. It is all about coding, from a basic blocks-based introduction to more complex HTML code and beyond; this helps guide children on the learning path.


Hopscotch is described as a visual programming language designed to allow young people or beginner programmers to develop simple projects. It helps students to experiment and write their own code and programs.


This is a great tool for teaching coding to kids; and it is an exceptional application for helping parents, teachers, adults to teach. Kodable helps every kid build a foundation for their future.

In conclusion, these apps are useful and important towards making great code; with the understanding of these apps your kids are ready to code.

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