How to teach a 7 year old coding made easy and simplified in this article. This article shows the various ways and processes on how to teach a 7 year old coding. 

Coding is the process of transforming ideas, solutions and instructions into the language which the computer can understand. 

Coding  is a set of instructions which guides your computer or any electronic device to perform a certain task. It is also a universal system used on a regular basis which reduces stress and also makes work easier and faster at any given time and space.

In this article, we shall look at the various ways in which a kid at the age of 7 and below is being able to basically code. 

Steps on how to teach a 7 year old coding 

  1.          Define coding
  2.         Have the basic knowledge of programming
  3.         Talk about Coding languages
  4.         Get kids interested in learning to code
  5.          Ease kids into coding, additionally
  6.          Enlist expert help

Define Coding

State the meaning, definition and significance of the word coding. Make the meaning clear and precise, also this is the first step to the understanding of coding; the kids must be aware of the basics of what they are about going into.

Have the basic knowledge of programming

Children must have not only the basic knowledge of programming, but also acquainted with some understanding of basic programming languages, this ensures easy access to whatever apps that will be used getting a smooth work done.

Talk about coding languages

Another key point is that children not only need to get familiar with some coding terms and communication, but also there are some coding languages necessary for coding that aids easy transmission and communication.

Some of these languages are:

  1.   Scratch
  2.   JavaScript
  3.   Java and also
  4.   Lua

With the aid of these languages, as a matter of fact, kids are able and capable of coding, solving problems and making smooth communication.

Get kids interested in learning to code

This is an important feature on how to teach a 7-year-old kid coding. If the child lose interest in whatever they are doing, it becomes impossible to do that which you want them to, therefore, it is very important and paramount that children develop interest in learning to code right. Using gamified learning approach, kids are encouraged to code and learn more about coding.

Ease kids into Coding

There are some apps used in making coding fun and unique for kids, these apps serves as guidelines to kids. It is simplified and easy to use with some features necessary for easy understanding and comprehension. Some of these apps are listed below:

  1.   Scratch
  2.   Tynker
  3.   Bee-Bot and also
  4.   Scratch Jr etc

Finally,enlist expert Help

furthermore, for a better understanding and assimilation of coding, kids are advised to attend a school that teaches on coding and programming; not just a school but an expert in the field who is able to lecture, mentor and train the kids well.

In conclusion, these steps and practices when done accurately give a better result. Generally we provide varieties of services for quick assimilation of coding for kids; services like free online and offline coding lessons and services, free pdf coding guide, etc. For your free online courses and coding, click on the link