I stood in front of the judges, my heart pounding in my chest as I prepared to deliver my pitch for Imagine STEM Academy. 

This was the moment I had been working towards for months, pouring all of my passion and energy into my startup.

As I began to speak, I could feel the weight of the responsibility I had taken on. 

Matthew Imadiyi

Nigeria’s education system is in dire need of improvement, and I know that  Imagine STEM Academy had the potential to make a real difference in the lives of students across the country.

I spoke with conviction about my commitment to quality education and my belief in the power of technology to level the playing field. I shared my vision for Imagine STEM Academy, a platform that continues to give students across Nigeria and Africa access to top-quality STEM education regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

As I finished my pitch, the judges sat in silence for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. My heart sank, wondering if I had done enough to convince them.

But then one of the judges spoke up, praising my passion and vision. They asked me detailed questions about the work we do at  Imagine STEM Academy, and I answered confidently, drawing on all the research and preparation I had done in the lead-up to this moment.

Finally, the judges deliberated and announced Imagine STEM Academy winner of the WIAA Innovators empowerment awards. I couldn’t believe it – my hard work had paid off, and I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I looked out at the audience, feeling grateful for everyone who had supported me along the way. All directors at the academy, my team, my family, and my friends – they had all believed in me and the vision. But most of all, I felt a sense of responsibility. 

This win wasn’t just about  Imagine STEM Academy or my personal success. It was about the kids across Nigeria who were waiting for an opportunity to learn and grow.

As I stepped off the stage, I knew that the hard work was just beginning. But I was more motivated than ever to make Imagine STEM Academy a success and to keep pushing for tech equality and quality education for all students, especially girls who often miss out on opportunities in STEM fields.

Yes, we must have won the pitch, but the real victory was still ahead of us. And I am ready to face it with all the determination and passion I can muster.

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