Coding for kids introduces your child to the intangible skills and profession in technology. 

It’s amazing how much kids can improve within a short while, while learning or participating in fun-filled activities with friends and playmates at home and also at school.

Easter is such a time when schools are mostly on breaks, from the 2nd academic term across west African schools. The season of Easter also gives kids  time to cash up on fun times and share moments together, this is also a great opportunity for kids to learn a new skill or craft.

weekend/Easter coding session

Easter Coding Session

Coding skill sets are fast changing how we live and interact today, that’s why at Imagine STEM Academy we are geared towards helping kids during the Easter break to learn a new skill. There are a number of coding paths kids can pick from based on their interest  and level of mastery.

This brings us to the question: how to learn to code during Easter code camp?

At the academy Easter code camps are designed to help kids strengthen their tech skills as well as introduce them to new ones.

A good way to start learning to code at the Easter code camp is by first

  1. Choosing your preferred learning path: We present kids with coding paths from introduction to coding to games design with block based coding languages, mobile app development, robotics simulation and machine learning for kids. Kids can select a preferred path based on their interest. The next thing is to
  2. Make available a working laptop for your kids: Based on the recommendation of their instructors, you can also grab a copy of the ultimate coding recommendation for kids, this guide provide parents and guardians with the right recommendations from coding tools, to apps and games and even free resources and books kids can start learning to code with, the guide has also been divided into the various age groups and their respective requirements. Next,
  3. Kids are to take on the coding challenges and worksheets: After each session at the academy during the Easter code camp. These worksheets have been designed to help kids instill the daily lessons and exercises, by challenging their minds to solve simple problems using their newly developed coding skills.
  4. Practice practice practice!!!: While learning to code might come easy for some learners, agreeably some kids find it a little challenging, however attempting the worksheets challenges are designed to help each kid cross that milestone and become more confident with coding, this confidence level comes with consistent practice, as well as asking questions when stuck. 

All our instructors are always glad and open to help a learner who seems stuck, because this is the first sign that the child is making progress and desires to improve and scale what they have been taught.

Looking to join other kids improving their tech skills this Easter?

You can click on the link below to sign up. We are always open to take on new challenges and ready to meet you.

Start by downloading a copy of the ultimate coding recommendation, to help guide you and provide you with the right type of coding kits as well

Our Easter Code Sessions run all through Easter for 2 weeks onsite at the academy 44, Ogunlana Drive Surulere Lagos.