Summer is here!

Best summer coding camps for kids.

It’s almost that time of the year when everything around us gets warm. kids are on summer holiday and parents are on Google searching for “How to make kids’ summer holiday memorable?” “What to do for my kids this summer?” “Summer holiday activities for kids?” —That is fair and thoughtful. A few years ago, the summer holiday in Nigeria was a thing among the wealthy people in Nigeria. Average parents and not-so-rich parents only consider summer holidays as holidays and nothing more.

It’s 2021 and every parent wants to give their kids an unfair advantage, rich, average, or poor. Every parent wants their kids to have and enjoy the lives they never had whilst doing what they love and having fun.

summer coding and robotics camps for your kids

Mobile Apps

One of the things to call out is that technology rules the world today. Being tech-savvy doesn’t stop your kids from being doctors, after all, we have health-tech, law-tech to support lawyers, biz-tech for business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Etcetera. Learning to code prepares your kids for the future of work in any industry or sector they are interested in. And the best time to get them started is during the summer holiday. There are lots of Coding academies in Nigeria that can help you achieve this.

They all started to code as kids!

Coding is really the best thing that can happen to any child between the age of 4 – 17. Are you in doubt? Well, take a look at the billion-dollar tech giant companies such as; Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, Twitter, etc., all are mobile apps that have turned into billion-dollar companies and their creators, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Dorsey except for Elon Musk Tesla that didn’t start as a mobile app,  all learned how to code before they turned 15.

You are probably thinking; OH! Wow! How much does it cost to learn to code in Nigeria? What are the best summer coding camps for kids? Is there a great summer coding camp for my 4-year-old? Is there any programming school in Nigeria? Who doesn’t want their kids to build a billion-dollar company, right? 

As technology affects our world at a rapid pace, as a parent, you might want to prepare your child for the future. Introducing your child to programming can be a career-building block or a fun activity for your kids. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. There are various coding academies that teach robotics in Nigeria. However, Imagine Academy stands out of the pack.

If your child has an interest in technology, a summer coding camp for kids could be a great option. There are also online coding classes and camps that allow your kids to learn from home.

What are summer coding camp?

Summer coding camps are week-long coding courses in a variety of topics, from robotics to AI to video game development. Coding camps help kids learn in a collaborative way. Not only are they picking up useful teamwork skills, but they’re also learning a valuable STEM subject in a fun and engaging way.

It’s summer, and you are probably thinking about how to get the best summer coding camp for your kids. When looking for a coding summer camp, consider the following questions: 

  1. What is my kid’s age and ability level? 
  2. Is it possible for my youngster to type quickly? 
  3. What are the credentials of the instructors? 
  4. Does the timetable for the camp fit my schedule? 
  5. What will my youngsters experience?

Answering the above will help you put things in perspective. There are a ton of summer camps out there, but few teach your kids how to code. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Coding is one of the hottest and most in-demand skills in the world today.”

Why choose our summer coding camp?

Imagine STEM Academy has been around for over five years now, We BRAG about being one of the best summer coding camps for kids. Our coding camps at Imagine STEM Academy are unique because they are taught in small groups and are very hands-on. We know how different kids are from one another, and our camps help reflect that diversity. We’ve chosen camps to satisfy interests across the board, so there’s something for all kids at Imagine STEM Academy. All our lessons are project-based and hands-on. We follow a world-class curriculum that is equivalent to that of any other country.

Kids coding alone is good, but teaching your kids how to code collaboratively gives them the edge. The best way to teach your kids how to code is by learning it collaboratively, working in teams, and completing challenges. Each program is specifically designed for kids and helps them learn how to code collaboratively, save time and have fun – all while getting introduced to STEM topics.

What skills will they learn

Camps are designed to help youngsters learn STEM concepts via interactive, hands-on activities. Our captivating technique allows even the most difficult ideas understandable to young kids. Students benefit greatly from hands-on STEM learning because it provides them with skills that they can use for years ahead, even if they do not go on to become programmers. They’ll learn a variety of useful skills, such as:

  1. Confidence using technology
  2. Logical-thinking skills
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. What are the time and duration

Our Summer code sessions run all through summer for 2 weeks online and onsite at academy 44, Ogunlana Drive Surulere Lagos.  With 3 batches: Batch A: August 1st-12th, Batch B: August 15th-26th, Batch C: August 29th-September 9th. Classes run from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm daily. Kids are expected to come in with their laptops, face masks, and writing materials to help them take down key code snippets for later reference. However, if an onsite code camp won’t be feasible, you can sign up for the online session and still enjoy the same experience as though as it is an onsite session. Click here to register your kids for our summer code camp. The decisions you make for your kids today will greatly affect their lives in the long term. Save your spot for the best summer activities for kids today!