Kids today want to know anything about everything, as they have become very active in using these apps on different devices including, but not limited to, iPads, iPhones, and Laptops. It is very difficult to keep a child entertained as well as educated, which is why introducing them to app creation has become an important tool for your kids to showcase their creativity thereby empowering them to become problem solvers and equipping them with solution-driven skill sets.


  1. Our free online campaign offers a new creative outlet for kids
  2. It also promotes creative problem solving for complex tasks
  3. Gives kids a major confidence boost.
  4. Intuitive self-learning
  5. It enhances your innovative thinking
  6. It sparks the genius in kids when they discover what they could do with code at such a young age
  7. It helps keep kids actively busy with technical problems, hence enlarging their capacity for solving more complex problems in the future.
  8. It is absolutely free, hence they have nothing to loose

Amazing Projects From Our Young Coders

Some of our parents and partners have this to say

I have recommended Imagine STEM Academy to all my friends, your lessons are way too awesome. My daughter spends all day coding.
Mrs Nancy Ogbonaya

Proud Mum

Your weekend code lessons are just awesome. my daughters, just can’t wait for each weekend…they get super excited by friday!
Mr Chris Aber

Proud Dad

I can’t say how much he loves it here, this is a great learning place, well done to everyone making this possible, God bless you all.
Mrs Nifemi Onifade

Proud Mum

How to Apply

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This is a free online mobile app coding session. This means your kids can join and learn from anywhere in the in the world and it is absolutely free!

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    Some frequently asked questions by other parents at the academy
    What is Coding?
    Coding is a creative process used to tell a computer how to perform a task. At the academy coding kids are taught to code using content of high-interest while creatively developing new ideas.

    Kids learn to code with game designed languages, making it fun to learn!

    What Age is Appropriate to Learn to Code?
    Since kids learn through visual programs and game designed projects, kids as early as age 4 can start learning how to code and move on to appropriate text-based coding sessions.
    Why isn’t K-12th Grade School Enough?
    Only a few school adopt coding. While schools actively offering coding classes typically do not properly prepare students, or teach without effective curriculum to jumpstart your kid’s career or simply don’t have as many tools and resources available in code school programs.
    How Will Learning to Code Help my Child’s Education?
    Coding is another language which teaches children how to communicate and teaches logical thinking. Language also strengthens both verbal and and written skills, exposing children to different languages at an early age helps them to understand the world around them better.

    Coding also fosters creativity by experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake they learn.

    How does Coding and Robotics Work?
    Robotics builds on coding skills, it teaches the application of coding in real life examples. Learning to code enables your child to program a robot, instruct it to carryout useful tasks, and operations easily.
    How is Coding Different from my Child’s School Computer Lessons?
    Most schools computer lessons teaches students the basics of computer and desktop publishing packages such as (Microsoft office, Power point, etc), at the Academy kids are taught the fundamentals of computer programming and how to build softwares. Students are not just consumers or users of technology but are taught how to build various technologies.
    What Will my child do after Learning to Code ?
    Our amazing curriculum guarantees that most of our students are able to develop simple games, animations, mobile apps, and software after going through our program.

    Kids are equipped for a lifetime of success. Even if they don’t go into a specific computer science related field, they have an edge in virtually every modern industry.