Video Game Design With Scratch

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What Will You Learn?

  • Video game design for kids ages 6-15
  • Variable
  • Broadcast Events
  • Working with sounds
  • Creating New Levels

Course Content

Fundamentals of Game Development – Intro
This course focuses on introducing kids who have learnt the basics of coding to the amazing world of simple game development using the scratch block-based programming environment.

  • Module 1 – Fundamentals of game development – Intro

Module 2 – Bringing in your game sprites
Bringing in all sprites for your 2 player ping-pong game.

Module 3 – Changing the direction of our sprites
In this lesson, we will work with our paddle sprite, by making them fit into the right direction for our game

Module 4 – How to Save Your Project
This lesson focuses on teaching how to save your project after coding.

Module 5 – How to Code for Our Paddle Sprite
In this lesson we will be adding the code blocks for our paddle sprite, to make them move up and down using our keyboard

Module 6 – Making Variables
In this lesson we are going to be looking at variables, and how we can create a score for our game using variables.

Module 7 – Increasing each player’s score
This lesson focuses on how we can increase each player's score in our game, each time the opposite paddle fails to catch the ball.

Module 8 – Coding for the Ball Sprite – Working with sounds
In this lesson, we will look at how to code for our ball sprite. As well as adding sound effects for each sprite using code blocks.

Module 9 – Working with Broadcast Event (Broadcast Player One WINS!)
In this lesson students will learn how to use the broadcast event to show and pass new actions in to their video game.

Module 9 (Part 2) – Working with broadcast event – part 2
In this lesson we will wrap up on how to broadcast a new screen or sprite when a player wins, using the broadcast event.